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Octozooka is essentially a space shooter with RPG elements embedded into it. Now,I want you to roughly imagine what this game is going to be like in your head.



Now shatter that image.

Coz this game is unlike any space shooter you've ever played.

In this game, you control a weird looking ship with 8 cannons sticking out at the cardinal directions. And yes, its that ship you see in the banner above.
Due to the ship's terrible lazy nature of not wanting to move around at all, you'll pretty much always find yourself at the center of attention.

And in case you were thinking that's a good thing.. Its not.

See those 8 buttons around the ship? They control the cannons.
The up arrow fires the up cannon and so on.

They started out being arranged correctly. The up arrow was stationed north, so you could tap north to fire north. Easy peasy right?


These buttons are faulty hardware, and will change positions every freaking time you click on one of them. You want to target the north? One second you'll need to tap the north button, the next second you'll need to tap the south button and the next second after that.. well.. i think you get the point.

Couple that with advancing swarms of enemies, and you've gotta channel every last bit of your energy to keep yourself from freaking out and keep bringing on the pain before you bite the bullet.

It's challenging. It's crazy. It gives you good finger muscles. But best of all, its fun.

And we've only scratched the surface.


Its the year 2057. The Earth has seen much drama, much calamity, and much miracles in all this time. But all you need to know is that the animal kingdom overtook half of the planet from human control and there have been a lot of advances in space travel and medicine and blah blah blah.

Another thing you need to know is there is this ridiculous alien race called the Zardians who attempted to invade the Earth and solar system on numerous occasions, all ending in defeat.

And now, they are trying yet again, only this time their attack has become a bit more sophisticated and they have magically attacked every planet after Earth at once. That kinda sucks.

Luckily, you (or atleast Shadow, the main character) are here to deal with them.

Take the relms of the Octaship and go to every single planet and/or moon and kick those losers out. Really all there is to it.


It wouldnt be an RPG hybrid without something like this.
The game will feature skill trees for whatever weapons you get your hands on throughout your conquest (or y'know, at least for some of them), and you will have the freedom (well you still need to earn cosmibux (the retarded currency of the universe) by destroying stuff to buy your way through the tree, but that's besides the point) to choose how you wield your weapon and effectively control the difficulty of the game yourself.

The ship will also be able to gain experience and level up, gaining ability points in the process.
Those points are used in unlocking and upgrading abilties gathered along your journey.

Of course, powerups are also always available to lend a hand when needed.


The game will hopefully have a great diversity of levels and enemies for you to smash. Standard levels will see you, erm well, be the center of attention (as previously advertised) and have to fight like a trapped rat until the enemies stop coming.

There will also be special boss levels where your ship can actually MOVE, which makes it all the more difficult and irritating to do what you need to do. Yay.

And when you finally reach the planet you intend to liberate (sorry if you wanted to wreck that too), you will land on the surface at scenic locations (lets hope my drawings dont turn out too bad) and may get to play irritating minigames to take a break from the irritating main game. Doesnt that sound great! (Trust me, being irritating is what makes it challenging)

What's in here now?

20+ levels so far
Octozooka skill tree
Ability system
Stupid conversations.

What's to come next?

Luna liberation!
Even more stupid conversations.

Well, Ok the game is still largely in its infancy, and needs a lot of work, but give it a try anyway! I'm sure you'll like it :)

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