Monday, 11 July 2016

Anagrammer Arcade : Scrab Slots

Scrab Slots
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Scrab Slots uses a larger than normal slot machine modified to use lettered reels instead of pictured reels. The main goal of the game is to satisfy all the challenges generated for each level. These challenges pop up on the top left corner of the screen, and will always include a coin collecting.


All you have to do is stop the spinning reels by hitting the big red shiny buttons and try to get as many coins to land on the screen as possible.

Then simply form words by selecting a reel and dragging around to adjacent reels.
For example, QUIZ and HEMP have been highlighted in the picture above. Coins can be collected by forming words that include them.

You are however restricted to form up to 6 words at once only.
What if a challenge requires more coins than you managed to get onscreen though?
Well, that's what the ol' lever is for!. Spin the lever to get the reels spinning again!.

Ok ok, its not that simple. The total number of spins you have for each level and the total number of words you can form are limited and are displayed at the top right corner of the slot machine.

So try to do all you can before hitting that lever. Also if you cannot satisfy all the challenges issued, yeah.. sadly that's game over.

Extra features

Coins aren't the only things that will be painted on the reels. Sometimes powerups will be there instead. You collect them in the same fashion and use them whenever you like.

Token Ratio

1 : 1
1 coin. 1 token.

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