Monday, 11 July 2016

Anagrammer Arcade : Balancing Act

Balancing Act
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Balancing Act is a game that trains rack balancing skills. Your main goal is to use the tiles that you are fed every turn to form words on the racks

You are presented with 10 empty racks at the start, and 7 tiles will be fed to the conveyer belt every turn. The tiles are fed from a standard Scrabble tile bag minus the 2 blanks, and will be fed for 14 turns.

I can only be happy that 100-2 is actually divisible by 7.

Each turn you have to funnel those 7 tiles to one of the 10 racks, with one major rule you need to follow.

Any racks that have 7 or more tiles MUST HAVE A VALID WORD.

For example, I can toss the T from the conveyer to the rack with OOGNIR to form ROOTING and the R to POTALES to form POLESTAR.

Any racks that have 7 or more tiles and cannot form a word..... will explode and penalize your score.

So.. once you move all the 7 tiles to the racks in any way you like, you'll need to hit the END TURN button

Then, all the racks which have had tiles added and now have 7 or more tiles will spew their tiles out, and that's when you'll have to anagram the rack by tapping the tiles as per normal.

if you get the word right, then great. You'll get points for it and will move on to the next rack, if any.

If you get the word wrong.. then boohoo. If there is actually a word, you'll get 2 more tries before it blows up in your face. If there isnt a word.. it will just save you the trouble and blow up in your face immediately. Yay... You'll lose points though.. so... yeah.. try not to let this happen too much

After 10 turns, you have the option to end the game if you don't want to risk losing points.
After 14 tuns, if you were mad enough (or lucky enough) (or good enough) to make it here with a decent score, the bag would be empty and the game will end.

Maximising your score

Just form 7 letter words first, then extend them to 8s, then extend them to 9s and so on.
Unfortunately, this isn't exactly easy to do, and you need to know a lot of words to do it

Otherwise, just aim for as many words as possible.

And obviously, don't let anything blow up.. unless its a sacrifice for a good cause.

Token Ratio

1 : 20

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