Monday, 11 July 2016

Anagrammer Arcade : Scrablapse

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Scrablapse is a relatively simple game where all you really do is try to form words using the onscreen tiles (much in the same way you form words in Scrab Slots). Much like traditional Collapse, tiles will enter the screen at the left corner and will fall towards the right. You lose when a row reaches the left corner.


There's not really much to say honestly. Just form words to keep the rows from hitting the left corner. You are given one life at the start, so you will be spared the first time this happens, but the next time,.. well.. you won't.

Powerups are present, and all you need to do is match the tile they are on to set them off (You don't get to collect and use them this time)

The bombs are typically just bombs and flamethrowers, though you may get tokens or lives from time to time too.

Be wary though, the game generates tiles faster when there are less tiles on the screen.
So don't be a clown and take out half of the rows with a bomb and leave the other rows intact.
I doubt you'll last long.

Token Ratio

1 : 250

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