Monday, 11 July 2016

Anagrammer Arcade : Anablitz

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Anablitz is a hard core anagramming game, designed for Scrabble players who are looking for a Zyzzyva style quiz app on Android. It goes through words ranging in length from 6 to 9 and of a variable probability range in a rapid manner, allowing for a large volume of words to be stuffed into your head in a short period of time. Sure you can read word lists and stuff, but.... this is more fun. And it is known that having fun while learning aids with retention. :)


You play by simply answering the anagrams the game poses to you. You do that by tapping on the tiles to shift them to the rack (you can tap them to shift them off the rack too).

Each rack starts out with a score value based on the probability value of the word. That value decreases over time and with each wrong answer and hint used. A higher score value boosts the timer and your rating more. There is also a combo meter that boosts the score if you go berserk.

The game starts out with one rack at level 1 and will add more slowly until you have 8 racks total. Don't worry though, you don't really have to answer all of them. It just helps that you have more anagrams to resort to if you are stuck.

Extra features

You have access to HOLD and HINT buttons located next to each rack. The HOLD button will keep a rack stay for as many different anagrams it has. For example, the rack ENIORST has 6 anagrams, so if you activate the hold button, that rack will stay until you input all 6 anagrams.

The HINT button does what you think it does. Its best used when the rack is empty.

You also have access to powerups, which are powered up by the points you score.. Though the one powerup you will probably use all the time is the time powerup, which slows down the timer.

Token Ratio

1 : 200.

Playing well for 15-20 minutes should net around 50 tokens.

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