Monday, 11 July 2016

Anagrammer Arcade

Anagrammer Arcade
Anagrammer Arcade is an Android game live on the Google Play Store.

Nestled amongst countless grand casinos in the bustling streets of Las Vegas sits the fairly new Anagrammer Arcade. Its welcoming doors open to reveal a menagerie of word games disguised as some of the popular casino (and arcade) games you thought you knew all too well.

A total of 8 unique games populate the building's floors, though being a relatively new building, there is still much vacant space here and there, ready to accept new additions with open arms.

The 8 games are

Anablitz, a hard core anagramming game for Scrabble players

Scrab Slots, a word game infused into a slot machine

S Wave, perfect for Scrabble players who want to know words that don't take an S behind

Balancing Act, A game that focuses on rack management and trains the mind.

Texas Hold em up Scrabble - It's poker, using letters instead of numbers

Lucksack Battle - The term 'lucksack' is an inherently singaporean term meaning someone who is miraculously lucky, and of course, you know what battle means.

Scrablapse - Ever wanted to try the classic Collapse using letters? Well, here you go.

Scrabjack - Blackjack using letters, a highly challenging game

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