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LTH Timer Guide

Lucksack Tounament Helper

Timer App : Guide

This is the screen you will see once you open up the Timer from the main menu. The timer app is used to serve as a clock to time games when a real clock is not available.
TO START THE CLOCK, simply tap on either of the BLACK SCREENS which are displaying the time. The screen will change color in response to your touch.

You will notice several items of interest, including the 3 buttons along the center of the app.
The RED HOME button takes you BACK TO THE MAIN MENU.
The YELLOW JUDGE button PAUSES the clock and redirects you to the CHALLENGE screen.
The GREEN SETTINGS button PAUSES the clock and opens the SETTINGS page.

Once the clock is running, the side which is RUNNING will be HIGHLIGHTED GREEN and will display a PLAY ICON next to the TURN TIMER.
The large number is the TOTAL TIME LEFT and the small number is the TIME TAKEN FOR THE CURRENT TURN.
The RED HOME button will now be a BLUE PAUSE button. Clicking on that will PAUSE THE TIMER.
In order to complete your turn, you must click on your side of the clock, represented by the black screen beneath your name.

If the timer is PAUSED a YELLOW HIGHLIGHT and a PAUSE ICON will indicate which side was running when the clock was paused.
To RESUME the timer, you must press the BLACK SCREEN underneath your OPPONENT's NAME.
To COMPLETE YOUR TURN, you must press the BLACK SCREEN underneath YOUR OWN NAME.
Note that when the clock is paused, the PAUSE BUTTON changes to a RESET BUTTON. You must tap this THREE TIMES in QUICK SUCCESSION to RESET the timer back to its initial potision.
In the settings page, you can edit the basic things such as the players' names, their total times and their time increments. The increments will be added to their clocks everytime they complete their turn.
The AUTOSAVE option, if turned on will save the clock's position if the game is closed unexpectedly. The saved file will be automatically reloaded once you reopen the clock and the saved file will then be deleted.
RGB Sliders are provided to alter the background color of the timer as well as the font color.

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