Thursday, 5 April 2018

LTH Settings Guide

Lucksack Tournament Helper

Settings : Guide

When opening the settings page, you will  notice a section labeled WORD LISTS.
Here, you can manually load in word lists.
Clicking on LOAD 2s WORDS for example, builds the database for all the 2 letter words, MINUS the DEFINITIONS.
Clicking on LOAD 2s DEF builds the database for all the 2 letter words INCLUDING the DEFINITIONS.
The purpose of this feature is say if you dont need to use the app for a while, you can just hit LOAD ALL and let the app load in all the word lists while you are occupied, and then later when you need to use the app, you never have to wait for any lists to load.
Which means the speed of anything you do with the other apps is greatly increased.
Manually loading in word lists is NOT REQUIRED at all as the app automatically loads them in as they are needed. The option is merely here for convenence in situations like the one described above.

The next section you will see is the AUTOLOAD section. This is very simply just the lists you want the app to load immediately after starting up.
Probably not a good idea to activate this because as mentioned before, the app loads only word lists  as and when they are required.
But the option is there if you do choose to use it.


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