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LTH Stat Tracker Guide

Lucksack Tournament Helper

Stat Tracker : Guide

When you first open the Stat Tracker app, you will be asked if you want to create a sheet with TEXT ONLY or TEXT + COUNT.
Referring to the picture below, you can notice that there are two types of stats available. The stats with two text fields and minus and plus buttons are COUNT stats which simply keep a record of COUNT (C) per GAMES (G).
For example, if you've played 50 bingoes in 20 games, the value for C would be 50 and G would be 20.
The stats with a single text field the TEXT stats. You use these to simply type anything you want.
Choose whichever one you like. Regardless, it can be changed later.

The main purpose of this app is to provide you a place to keep track of a variety of stats pertaining to your tournament career.
After selecting either TEXT ONLY or TEXT + COUNT at the start, a set of default stats will be added to the list.
To use a COUNT stat, either type in the text field provided or use the MINUS button to DECREMENT by one and PLUS button to INCREMENT by one.
To use a TEXT stat, you can simply type anything you want into the text field provided.
FUTURE DEVELOPMENT : There are plans to integrate the Stat Tracker with other apps like the Report Generator. The integration will allow you to automatically update the stat tracker as you fill out a report. This is the purpose of providing a set of default stats when creating a new sheet. While COUNT stats will be automatically updated, note that TEXT stats will need to have two separate numbers within the text to receive updates. More information will be given after the integration is active.
 The PENCIL buttons are there to turn edting on and off. They are ON (GREEN) by default and if turned OFF (RED), you will not be able to touch the text field or buttons in the stat.
DOUBLE CLICK on the CROSS button to delete a stat.
If you cick on the ADD STAT BUTTON (The green button next to the back button), a pop up will appear with a list of options to choose from.
Any default stats not present in your stat sheet will be there to be readded, either as a text stat or as a count stat (if applicable)
You can also add CUSTOM stats which allow you to edit the stat name.
Simply select one of the options and hit the ADD BUTTON to add it to the stat sheet.

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