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LTH Bucket List Guide

Lucksack Tournament Helper

Bucket List : Guide

The bucket list app is a place to store lists of words you badly want to play and the records of when they were played.
The starting screen when you enter the app will show the list of bucket lists you currently have active.
To ADD A NEW bucket list, simply type in a NAME in the text field at the top and click on the ADD BUTTON next to it. If the name is not already taken, a new bucket list will be created.
To view and edit a bucket list, simply tap on the MAGNIFYING GLASS icon next to it.
To delete ducket list, simply DOUBLE CLICK on the CROSS icon next to it.
This is what a bucket list looks like.
You will notice that each WORD is contained within a blue header and contains a list of ENTRIES represented by the white boxes.
Each ENTRY represents an instance where the word was played. If you'll notice, the entry has a number, TOURNAMENT NAME, DATE, V.S (Opponent name), GAME NUMBER, SCORE and a NOTES section at the bottom.
So basically, you use this app to maintain a list of words you want to play, and each of these words maintains a list of entries that detail the times you managed to play that word.
You will also notice 3 buttons next to each WORD and ENTRY.
Clicking on the MINUS button next to a WORD will cause all the word's etries to COLLAPSE into a single line stating how many entries are present.
Of course, the MINUS button will change into a PLUS button and you can click on that to display the entries again.
As for the MINUS button for an ENTRY, clicking on it will compress just that individual entry into a single line.
As you can see by the entry labeled as "#1"
The PENCIL buttons are simply there to indicate whether the WORD or ENTRY is editabe or not. If the PENCIL for a WORD is GREEN, the WORD can be changed.
If the PENCIL for an ENTRY is GREEN, the details of the ENTRY can be edited.
The PENCILS are GREEN by default, but you can click on them to turn them RED to disable editability.
The purpose of this is to avoid accidentally triggering the devide keyboard while scrolling.
Natually, the CROSS buton is for deletion and must be DOUBLE CLICKED.
ADD NEW ENTRY adds a new entry to a word.
ADD NEW WORD adds a new word to the list.
The settings page only has options to change colors.

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