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LTH Word Search Guide

Lucksack Tournament Helper

Word Search : Guide

This is what you'll see when you open the Word Search App.
The area in the center of the screen is where you'll specify what you want to search for and where the results will be displayed.
The arrow buttons are used to navigate. From left to right,
NAVIGATE DOWN MAX : Scrolls to the bottom of the list
NAVIGATE DOWN : Scrolls down by 10% the height of the list.
NAVIGATE DOWN PAGE : Scrolls down by one page (one page meaning the height of the screen)
NAVIGATE UP PAGE : Scrolls up by one page
NAVIGATE UP : Scrolls up by 10% the height of the list
NAVIGATE UP MAX : Scrolls to the top of the list
The buttons on the panel at the top of the screen are as follows
BACK : Return to the last used app or to the main menu
TRANSIT TO WORD JUDGE : Opens and navigates to the Word Judge
RESET : Resets whatever you've set for the search filters
TRANSIT TO DICTIONARY : Opens and navigates to the Dictionary
SETTINGS : Opens the settngs page
Now, if you want to search for something, all you have to do is type it into the text field provided, as shown above.
If you click on the SQUARE PLUS button to the left of the filter, you will add an AND clause to your search.
An AND clause is used to restict the search. For example, here I am searching for SUBANAGRAMS of "RETINAS", but have also specified LENGTH as 5 to 6.
As such, I only get words that are subanagrams of "retinas" AND also are between 5 and 6 letters long.
Without the second filter, i will get all subanagrams of "retinas", from length 2 to 7.
Of course, you can click on the SQUARE MINUS button to remove a filter.

OR clauses are also supported.
OR clauses expand a search, instead of restricting it.
As you can see above, I have used the | character to request it to search for 3 anagrams at once.
The | character can be used for any filter that does not require numbers as an input.
Of course, OR clauses can also be used by clicking the ADD GROUP button.
In this case, the search returns words conforming to either the first filter (ANAGRAM of OTRAINE, GOATIER or NARTJIE) or the second filter (ANAGRAM of QUARES?)
You also have the option to SORT the results of the table.
Simply click on any of the headers of the table ("Prob", "Play", "<", "<-", " ", ">", ">-", "Defintion") to sort the rows based on that column.
You will see an arrow above that column if the results are sorted according to the column. A DOWN ARROW means ASCENDING order and AN UP ARROW means DESCENDING order.
There are a variety of filters for you to select from ("Has Suffix" is hidden below) as well and you are encouraged to play around with the system to get a good feel for how it works.
In the settings, you can specify MAX WORDS, which is the maximum number of words that can appear in the search results.
You are free to set it to a larger number. There used to be issues with this but not anymore.
The benefit of a smaller limit is that complicated searches will take less time.
WORD SORT PREFERENCE allows you to indicate how to sort words.
Shown above is LENGTH preference

Shown above is A-Z preference.

The rest of the settings allow you to either SHOW or HIDE the various columns of the table. Note that you will need to perform the search again for these changes to take effect.

Also note that if you want to show DEFINITIONS, the search will take slightly longer.

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